Lima a place to call home

First Posted: 3/9/2015

Around two and a half years ago I was rocking and rolling in Lima, Ohio.

Me and a group of friends had the flea market out across from the fairgrounds called Gallery at 309. Bird was there sending out her beautiful vibes of all that is enlightened and spiritual in this world. My brother and I were enjoying being a family here in this small city. Life was as good as it gets.

Oh there had been a few skirmishes but they were not important in the scheme of all that was going on.

Out of nowhere, and of course that’s a lie, but anyway, out of nowhere I became very, very sick and in a matter of minutes, it seemed I was dying and being airlifted to OSU Columbus.

That was two and a half years ago, maybe longer. I actually considered staying in Columbus and even had some empowerment group get involved that set up a place. It did not go well. I was still recovering and everything happened too quick and ended up being pretty strange.

Let’s say I kept falling down and breaking things.

This last episode ended me back in a rehab that I had been in Columbus two and a half years earlier in a cast with a broken leg wondering if this would ever change.

I finally made a decision and with my daughter and brother’s help I came home and home was Lima, Ohio. I didn’t grow up here but this was home. This is the place that I missed. Lima has that kind of an effect on a person. This becomes home and it becomes that very quickly.

I’m still recovering from all the falls and life changes but there is one thing I am very grateful for. I’m home.

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