Appleseed Parks a local treasure

First Posted: 4/29/2015

Lima is often referred to as “Lost In Middle America.” When my husband was transferred here approximately 20 years ago, that acronym did little to cheer me. However, when a friend called (after hearing about our pending transfer) and told me that Allen County had a MetroPark, I was hopeful. He assured me that all was not “lost” and that I was moving to a community that supported a park system was filled with individuals who valued and cared about a high quality of life.

He was right!

I am proud to call Allen County my home. Since moving here in 1994, I have seen how Johnny Appleseed Parks enhances our lives. The summer amphitheater programs, hiking, biking, camping, swimming, nature programs, picnicking, fishing, day camps, naturalist led school programs are just a few of the many benefits we all enjoy. This quality of life is also attractive to businesses, families contemplating a move to Allen County and adds to the value of our homes and property. Johnny Appleseed is indeed a local treasure.

I was fortunate to be employed by this Park System and know first hand the dedication of its employees. I urge everyone to vote “”yes on May 5th. Let’s keep this local treasure in Allen County. Vote “yes” to replace the revenue lost due to state of Ohio budget cuts. Vote “yes” to re-establish full maintenance of parks and facilities. Vote “yes” for our future and that of our children and grandchildren.

— Rita Thelen, Lima

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