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First Posted: 5/6/2015

LIMA — Mother’s Day is a special time set aside to honor the resilient, loving, amazing moms in our lives for years of sacrifice and dedication in one of the most important jobs.

Many moms receive flowers, chocolate and even jewelry on their special day. Other women have received an even more precious gift just in time for Mother’s Day — a brand new baby.

Three area mothers experienced an extra special holiday when they delivered babies on the day dedicated just for moms.

Bev Shadley, of Alger, was very surprised when she ended up giving birth to her second child on Mother’s Day in 1972. She welcomed a daughter, Tina (now Kerchenfaut), five days before her expected due date.

“I was shocked,” Shadley told The Lima News, also sharing her thoughts on this whole mom gig. “Motherhood is awesome. It makes you grow up. You have to be more responsible when you have someone else to be responsible for.”

Each Mother’s Day, Shadley and her three children typically get together to celebrate. This year, they were planning to enjoy each other’s company at a purse bingo event held last night at Allen East schools.

“I think everybody should celebrate Mother’s Day because mom is the rock,” Shadley said. “They’re the ones that you look up to. They’re the ones that guide you. They cook for you, they clean for you. They try to guide you through life.”

Amber Adkins, of Lima, became a mother for the third time when she delivered her daughter, Ella, on Mother’s Day in 2005.

“I was so big with her that they induced me on Mother’s Day,” Adkins said. “This year, it just so happens that her birthday is on Mother’s Day. So it’s kind of a special celebration for both of us. I’m going to take her shopping.”

Adkins described what motherhood means to her, and how it has changed her for the better through the years.

“I honestly believe I was born to be a mother,”she said. “I have four children — two boys and two girls — and I don’t know what I would be doing if I didn’t have kids. My whole world revolves around my kids. … (Motherhood) taught me how to be patient and definitely how to multi-task. They have all been blessings.”

Nancy Macke, of Ottawa, became a mom for the very first time on May 10, 1981 — which also happened to be Mother’s Day. Macke welcomed a daughter named Alison (now Siefker) that Sunday, about one week past her due date.

“We planned on going on over to my husband’s parents’ house for Mother’s Day — and we just ended up in the hospital instead,” Macke said. “Some of them came over later to visit us.”

Macke went on to have three more children — all sons. The fact that her only daughter was born on Mother’s Day makes the holiday even more special, she explained. While motherhood is definitely a big responsibility, it has also served as a huge blessing in Macke’s life.

“Your career and other things all satisfy you, but motherhood is great,” she said. “When holidays come around, it’s nice to have your family around; otherwise, you might be alone in your old age, you know? I know I won’t be alone in my old age.”

Having lost her own mom at the age of 15, Macke knows all too well the impact a mom’s presence has on her children. The trials and joys of motherhood have positively impacted her, along with her priorities in life.

“You can’t be selfish. I think more of their needs and now my grandchildren’s needs before my own sometimes. That’s kind of how it is. You make sure they’re all happy and well-cared for before yourself.”

This Mother’s Day, like most, will be celebrated with her children — including a birthday cake for Ali.

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