First Posted: 3/19/2015

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 12 to March 18. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.

Last year Last week This week

Deeds 70 61 77

Mortgages 59 50 55

Mortgage cancellations 52 48 51

Financing statements 0 0 0


• John D. and Juliann L. Barnett to Truth for Youth, 600 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $30,000.

• Sandra Bullock to Ashley Downing, 520 Ontario St., Lima, $15,000.

• Evelyn Cory and Evlyn Coary to Cynthia Davis, 605 E. Fourth St., Lima, $2,400.

• Sheriff Samuel A. Crish and Victor A. Purdom, et al. to Liberty Savings Bank FSB, 852 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $30,000.

• Constance E. Dillard to Cynthia Davis, 605 E. Fourth St., Lima, $2,400.

• William C. and Christina M. Fuller to Brandon Henderson, 102 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $49,900.

• Paul C. Goodwine and Judy L. and Roland Watts to John L. and Mary K. Winn, 1857 Wendell Ave., Lima, $105,000.

• Kolby W. and Alyson N. Harruff to Benjamin D. Stoll, 1801 Wendell Ave., Lima, $86,000.

• Norman E. Hughes to Cynthia Davis, 605 E. Fourth St., Lima, $2,400.

• JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association to JNK Properties, LLC., 1167 Richie Ave., Lima, $35,000.

• Wilma J. and William H. Mann to Ohio Elm Street Property Investment, LLC., 841 E. Vine St., Lima, $13,000.

• Dave A. and Nannette Prinsen to Alona A. Stocklin, 1707 Virginia Ave., Lima, $91,000.

• Celia A. Reynolds to Cynthia Davis, 605 E. Fourth St., Lima, $2,400.

• Sherri L. and Travis Stevick and Sherri L. Siniff to Monet F. Whirl, 192 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $45,000.

• Union Bank Company to Donald G. Daley, 1224 Brice Ave., Lima, $32,000.

• Calvin J. Woodruff and Kyle Woodruff to J. Rosario B. Soria, 219 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $50,000.

• Pamela S. Wright to Paige and Jordan Fruchey, 605 Chapman Ave., Lima, $86,000.


• John K. and Cindy L. Feathers to Percy L. and Lillian Bates, 1628 Robin Hood Dr., Lima, $112,500.

• JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association and Chase Home Finance, LLC. to Qin Bin Chen and Jason Lam, 2955 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $67,200.

• James M. Ryan Living Trust, Michael D. Ryan and Kathleen L. Sutherland to Michael T. Hogan, 3713 Cherokee Dr., Lima, $167,500.

• Eileen C. and Julio E. Salinas to Noufal Jajeh, 616 Wildbrook Ln., Lima, $500,000.


• Beverly Sue Flannery, Stephen Flannery, Robert W. Diers, Deborah D. Diers, Jeffery Lynn Diers, Beth Diers to Allen J. and Nancy K. Clum, 3775 Mt. Vernon Pl., Lima, $144,000.


• Patricia A. Babcock and Patricia Ann Emrick to Richard A. and Laura J. Dukes, 137 Villanova Dr., Bluffton, $165,000.


• Charles F. Niedecken to Holly N. Urbanick, 436 E. Fifth St., Delphos, $92,000.

• Thomas J. Schmelzer, Clare Schmelzer, Joseph M. Schmelzer, Anne E. Bryne, Ann E. Bryne and Timothy Bryne to Patricia L. Shively, 322 Eastwood Ave., Delphos, $95,000.

• Paul and Kelsey Siefker to Habitat for Humanity-Lima Area, Inc., 1209 N. Washington St., Delphos, $3,000.

• Karen L. Weber to Matthew J. Lehmkuhle, 509 E. Eighth St., Delphos, $65,500.


• David W. Good, Richard M. Good, Anna M. Good, Richard M. Good and Leona Good to George R. and Audrey M. Wagner, Laurel Oaks, Elida, $19,500.

• Michael J. and Nancy Sue Greeley to Village of Elida, Kiracofe Ave., Lima, $160,000.

• Jennifer G. Painter Successor Trustee and W C Burkholder Declaration of Trust to Pamela S. Wright, 306 Sunnydale St., Lima, $87,000.


• Charles E. and Judy A. Carman to Debra E. Wilmoth, 9904 Reservoir Rd. R 2, Harrod, $135,000.


• 75 and Fourth Street, Inc. and 75 & Fourth Street, Inc. to J A C E Holdings, LLC., 1797 and 1799 E. Fourth St., Lima, $1,300,000.


• David S. and Sherlyn R. Lugibihl to Kenneth D. and Diana L. Lugibihl, 6703-67 Tom Fett Rd., Bluffton, $372,600.


• Judith L. Bice to Jamie M. Modica, 4981 Zurmehly Rd., Lima, $89,000.

• Sarah Finnegan and Azuba Beatrice Meffley to Anthony M. Crites, 1557 Southwood Dr., Lima, $43,000.

• Harry L. Metzler, Jr. to Dustin K. Buell, 4850 New Haven Dr., Lima, $115,100.

• Patricia L. Myers, et al., Sheriff Samuel A. Crish, James Myers and Rachel S. Gilroy, Treasurer of Allen County to Michael E. Dugan, 3233 Spencerville Rd., Lima, $27,000.

• Dirk J. Sauer, Robin L. Goodwin and Sauer Living Trust to Billie Jean Keckler, 1755 Shawnee Rd. Unit 406, Lima, $66,100.


• Anthony W. Clayton to Tammy L. Smith, 9845 Kraft Rd., Spencerville, $8,500.

• Bryan and Pat Radcliffe to O’Neill Construction Service, Inc., 613 N. Canal Ave., Spencerville, $20,000.

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