Treatment ‘was’ great in Lima

First Posted: 3/17/2015

I was diagnosed with Leukemia in December 2011.

When I went to the emergency room, Dr. Gerad was on call. I cannot say how fortunate I was that he was there. On weekends, the oncologist would rotate who was on call. One of the doctors said to me, “If I was on call when you came in , I would have sent you on to James Cancer. Dr Gerad is the only doctor who will treat Leukemia patients.”

I was in the hospital for six weeks and then had treatments at St. Rita’s Regional Cancer Center under Dr. Gerad’s care. Needless to say, St. Rita’s made a lot of money from my illness because Dr. Gerad was capable of taking care of me. He got me into remission. Dr. Gerad came in and said to me, “I’ve done everything I can do for you. You now need to go to James Cancer for a bone marrow transplant.” My doctor at James told me “You had an excellent doctor in Lima to get you in remission.” I was so grateful to stay in Lima during my treatments and not have to worry about my family driving to Columbus in the bad weather months to see me.

To Dr. Gerad: I thank you for such excellent care. I hope to see you back in practice, whether it’s with Memorial, your own practice, or with St.Rita’s.

— Cathy Thomas, Wapakoneta

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