Dr. Gerad is ‘one in a million’

First Posted: 3/16/2015

St. Rita’s Medical Center has made an enormous error in judgment in dismissing top-notch oncologist Dr. Gerad.

He is the most outstanding, talented and dedicated oncologist a patient could ever hope to have. I and countless other patients know this firsthand. When I became his patient 27 years ago at age 19, he placed me on a clinical trial so I could receive the most advanced treatment in the country. He steadfastly got me through each obstacle I encountered with determination and encouragement while also being honest with me and not sugar-coating the information, which I greatly appreciated and respected. I owe my life to him.

My parents took me for a second opinion in Columbus and was told by the doctors there to not change a thing. I already had the best care possible in Dr. Gerad. He is one in a million, St. Rita’s. You will never find a replacement of his caliber or dedication.

Jill Laudick


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