Goodyear a good Samaritan

First Posted: 4/14/2015

The old adage is, “It never rains but it pours.”

That seemed to be the situation the morning of April 1 when I had an appointment at Goodyear Service Center on Market Street to repair my car, which was barely running.

However, that same morning my dog, Jasper, suddenly was unable to stand on his hind legs and he was desperately struggling.

As I knew my car was barely able to make it to Goodyear, I had no option but to leave Jasper, in his desperate condition, in hopes of being able to procure a car to quickly return home to pick him up and take him to Baker’s Veterinary Hospital in Cridersville.

When I arrived at Goodyear and told them the situation, they said, “No problem, we will take you, in our service truck, to your home to get your dog and then we will drive you both to the vet in Cridersville. And, when you are done, we will return to pick you and your dog up and return you to Lima.”

And Goodyear, did indeed, do exactly as they promised.

Now Goodyear is an auto service center, they are not required nor expected to serve as an animal ambulance for a desperate pet owner. But, they did just that.

I cannot express my gratitude for Goodyear’s “Good Samaritan service” for me and my dog. My heartfelt thanks to Goodyear!

And as for Jasper, after some treatment, by Dr. Ryan at Baker’s, he was able to stand and walk.

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