Gas prices show ‘spring surge’

First Posted: 3/2/2015

LIMA — The snow on the ground might not show spring is near. it. The groundhog might say it’s still winter for a while. Still, gas prices are going through a “spring surge.”

The average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $2.435 on Monday morning, up 9.3 cents in the past week, according to prices reported to Much of that increase came Sunday, as prices jumped 7.4 cents from Sunday morning to Monday morning.

Prices are up 41.2 cents from last month’s average. They are down $1.153 from last year, though.

Those increases mirror changes in Ohio and nationally, with both also averaging $2.435 a gallon with at least 10-cent increases from last week and nearly 40 cents from last month.

“The spring spike has hit pumps across the nation, and it certainly has motorists wonder what in the heck is going on,” said Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy senior petroleum analyst, in a press release.

DeHaan noted there have been a rash of refinery problems pushing up wholesale prices, including an explosion at a California refinery, cold-related shutdowns along the East Coast and Great Lakes and maintenance beginning at other refineries. That’s all combined with a transition to the cleaner, more costly blends of gasoline used in the spring and summer.

“Increases will persist country wide, and the general upward trend will likely remain in place for six to eight more weeks before motorists see declining prices ahead of Memorial Day weekend, as maintenance work wraps up and the transition to summer gasoline concludes,” DeHaan said.

The lowest area price on gasoline came in Hardin County, at $2.239 per gallon, followed by Van Wert County ($2.279), Mercer County ($2.284), Putnam County ($2.328) and Auglaize County ($2.344).

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