Kyle a true American hero

First Posted: 1/30/2015

We braved the snow and sleet to travel to Lima to see the movie “American Sniper.”

To watch how someone like Chris Kyle lived his life and served to protect his comrades in arms as well as the citizens of the United States, was inspiring. As with the film “Lone Survivor,” Americans are reminded that as they carry on their normal, dare I say, easy lives, there is about 1 percent of their fellow citizens who have chosen to endure horrendous situations to serve their country.

No one should be surprised how many people are going to this movie and are praising it, compared to the few out-spoken Hollywood types who prove themselves uninformed by their petty comments.

We have come to expect good films from director Clint Eastwood and he does not disappoint in “American Sniper.” There is a lot of shooting, and I understand that this may cause discomfort to some, but this is a movie about a sniper and an enemy whose goal is to kill our military.

Chris Kyle is a genuine hero and should be recognized as such, without reservation. If seeing his life on the big screen is too wrenching, and it is wrenching, then buy his book that the film is based on, but acquaint yourself with Chris Kyle, his family, his values, his bravery, his sacrifice. They are what we as Americans should be proud of and continue to support.

— Darla A. Lee, New Knoxville

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