Letter: Things getting better under Democrats

First Posted: 10/28/2010

Before you vote, ask yourself are things better now than two years ago?

Under George W. Bush, we were in a war in Iraq, our financial system was collapsing along with the housing market. The auto industry was near bankrupt, with Republicans urging us to allow GM and Chrysler to fail. Health care, after 20 years of neglect by Republicans, was on its way to being affordable only by the wealthy. Employment was in a freefall. Add to all this a stock market that was in freefall, wi[ing out retirement funds and savings plans.

Now, after only two years of Democratic leadership, with no assistance from Republicans, we are out of Iraq, GM and Chrysler are turning around, and the financial system has seen significant regulations placed on the corrupt and greedy, who were lining their pockets at the expense of everyday Americans. The stock market has recovered much of its losses, and the housing market has shown some signs of stabilization. And, after Republican inaction for 20 years, we finally have something done to effect the health care crisis in America. Employment still a long way to go, but it has been positively effected.

It is amazing what President Barack Obama has accomplished in just two years, especially while being fought by the Republicans the entire time.

All things considered, we are better off today than two years ago. Republicans now want control of Congress back. They want us to be concerned about the wealthy. They want to undo everything that has been done over the last two years, with no help from them. Are you kidding?

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