Letter: Van Wert County 4-H deserves support

First Posted: 3/18/2010

I was involved with the Van Wert County 4-H all through grade school and high school. I met some of my closest friends through the program. I feel by having 4-H in my life that, as a college student, I am ahead of some of the other students.

As a camp counselor, I learned how to work with people with different views. I also learned how to organize a huge life-changing event like 4-H camp. I am a communications major, with a focus on public relations, and I chose this path largely because of 4-H.

The 4-H program gives kids a chance to take on leadership roles and plan major events for the whole county. It made me a well-rounded individual in various ways. Through the Interstate Exchange program I was given the chance to travel to Kansas and see the way people farm and live there, I also got to go outside of my comfort zone and meet new people.

Confidence, leadership and the ability to work with people are three major attributes I gained through 4-H. I hope someday that my kids will be able to gain the skills and knowledge I did through this awesome program.

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