Patient upset over doctor’s dismissal

First Posted: 3/10/2015

I’m very distraught today because I have just learned that St. Rita’s allowed/caused Dr. Henry Gerad to leave their employ over some sort of contract dispute.

Dr. Gerad is the best oncologist in Lima. St. Rita’s should have given him whatever he wanted just so they could say they had someone of his caliber on their staff.

Perhaps I am prejudiced, but Dr. Gerad has kept me alive for 20 years. How can someone ever thank a doctor for something like that? I could always count on him for comfort and hope.

Though not to disparage other oncologists in Lima, I will always believe Dr. Gerad to be the best. I hope that he will start a new practice so that I can continue to have the best oncology care available.

I wish Dr. Gerad the best of luck and want both him and St. Rita’s to know that Lima and his many patients will suffer his loss to the St. Rita’s staff in countless ways.

I can only hope that St. Rita’s will realize its error in judgment in severing ties with this extraordinary physician and, somehow, get him to return to the patients who love and depend upon him.

Pam Wade


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