LPD outlines bar complaints to council

First Posted: 4/3/2015

LIMA — Among the various communications to be presented to Lima City Council during its regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday is a letter from the Lima Police Department outlining the number of police calls related to each business permitted to sell alcohol in the city during the past six months, along with the nature of each call.

“The council is given the opportunity by the Department of Liquor Control to object to a liquor license being renewed,” LPD Chief Kevin Martin said. “As of a few years back, council requested that we give them two reports, one mid-year and one when the renewal is up for consideration.”

In the letter, the department said that it would not object to the renewal of any permits at this time. However, it did point out two establishments “in which we have concerns about and are actively working with”: the Firehouse bar at 776 N. Main St. and the Main Street Irish Pub at 318 N. Main St.

“The Firehouse Bar had a total of 40 calls for service during the reporting period, with 18 of those calls meeting the established criteria,” the letter reads. “These calls included three fights observed by our officers as well as 11 additional fights called in and two noise complaints.”

The department included a letter from Karen Barrington, owner of Nitza’s, outlining issues the business has faced with Main Street Irish Pub.

“Not only has there been an abundance of trash in the adjoining parking lot as well as beer and liquor bottles, but there has been considerable evidence of vomit all over the sidewalk,” the letter reads.

Martin emphasized that the department considers any extenuating circumstances of each call before making note of a particular business.

“For instance, if the bar is calling us because they’re having issues, we don’t hold that against them, because we want the establishments to work with us,” he said. “We look at calls that would be specifically related to an establishment. Did it have a large number of fights? Were there any underage sales or drug sales in the establishment, those kinds of things that the bar would be able to control?”

Efforts to reach Brooke Jones of Main Street Irish Pub were unsuccessful.

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