Letter: Children Services’ actions actually hurt kids

Allen County Children Services is run more like a criminal organization that will steal and violate your young children. Something needs to be done about this. They need to be stopped!

My son was ripped from his loving Christian family for a sexual infraction toward his step-sister. We have a large blended family and had immediately stopped the 13-year-old boy’s behavior. Children Services came and stripped him from his home and family to put him in a group home an hour away until he’s 18. No real contact with family is permitted. Now the state charges us child support.

That was three years ago. The child is a hardened criminal already. The resentment and anger in that boy’s heart will not heal for a long time; neither will his family. I pray for divine justice for everyone involved at Children Services, or they will get theirs in the end.

Richard L Warren


Editor’s note: This letter was written by Richard L. Warren, of Lima, and not by retired judge and current magistrate Richard K. Warren, also of Lima.