Letter: Standing with Jordan will cost Manchester

As I drive around my neighborhood, I see political signs of candidates proclaiming their conservatism. With the current state of the Fascist Republican Party, I can understand their reluctance to proclaim their party affiliation. Most of those signs do not have Republican, even in the small print.

One such candidate, Susan Manchester, will not get my vote. Her endorsement by Jim Jordan makes her unacceptable for any political office. Her political ad promoting her standing beside Jimmy tells me she would govern or not govern just like he has for all his years in politics.

At the end of the ad Jordan states, “Susan is pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump.” The first thing that hit me was being pro-gun and pro-life are contradictory. And pro-life, that’s a laugh. Like most right-to-lifers, she is pro-zygote, pro-embryo, pro-fetus. Once there is a birth, and nowadays it is a forced birth, their support for that life is gone. They oppose any sort of public assistance to help the child grow up healthy and educated. Once out of the womb, you are on your own.

And finally, she is pro-Trump. Trump has gaslighted us from the very beginning and first mentioned election fraud at a speech in Ohio, the big lie from the big con. If you are that gullible, we don’t need you in the statehouse.

Sherri Eley