Letter: ‘Maddy’ case showed King’s ability to help

Six years ago, the Brian and Kelly Anderson family went through a terrible dilemma involving their desire to adopt a precious little girl by the name of Maddy. The Andersons faced a huge problem because of the heavy-handed Allen County Children Services bureaucracy. They had already taken into their hearts and home three children from Allen County. Then the Andersons were asked to provide respite care for Maddy for a couple of days. As weeks turned into months and Maddy’s birth mother was in no position to raise Maddy, she wanted the Andersons to adopt and raise Maddy.

But sometimes, the heavy hand of government refuses to listen to “we the people,” and they do not do what is right. If the government says you are unfit to be a parent and takes your children from you, and then tells you that you have no say who will raise your child, you have lost all your rights as a parent. That is evil and wrong!

Many people in Celina, the Grand Lake area and the U.S. rallied around the Andersons to “Bring Maddy Home.” The outpouring of support for Maddy and the Andersons was amazing, and our community embraced the cause through prayers, fundraisers and peaceful marches in Celina and Lima, just to mention a few things. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court of Ohio, and justice was rendered and Maddy came home to her family. Good triumphed over evil.

During the time of these events, Angie King, as a caring citizen and friend of the Andersons, got involved. The whole handling of Maddy’s case was a debacle by the government bureaucracy. Angie got involved, and it eventually led her to go to Columbus with Brian and Kelly to meet with a member of the state legislature in an effort to bring about foster care reform. Why? Because it was needed and necessary.

The first three words in our Constitution are “We the People” not “We the Government” for a reason. The government should always be about the people and not the government. Those governing must once again see themselves as serving the people. Public servants was the term once commonly used. Government is to serve and not be tyrannical.

King has demonstrated that she understands this, as she has both worked in the private and public sector. Shortly after Angie began serving as the Mercer County Recorder, I observed improvements in how that office was run as I had occasion to frequent that office.

My wife and I wholeheartedly support King as she prepares to serve the 84th District as your representative in Columbus. She has a wealth of lifetime experiences to draw from as she serves “we the people” of Mercer, Darke and Auglaize counties in Columbus. We encourage everyone to get out and vote for King on Aug. 2.

Doyle Fledderjohann