Letter: Jan. 6 committee gunning for Trump

In response to the letter in The Lima News on July 27 by Charles Thomas, the protestors were not armed. There was only one person murdered, and that was Ashi Babbitt, by the Capitol police.

Did President Trump offer the National Guard? Did House Speaker Pelosi, who is responsible for the security of the Capitol, turn him down? What was Ray Epp’s agenda? Was the FBI enticing protestors to go into the Capitol? Did the uniformed police invite protesters into the Capitol? Was there a far-left group that previously planned and instigated this event? Is the Jan. 6 committee a kangaroo court just to get Trump?

There are so many questions that the Jan. 6 committee could investigate. Their aim is to only get Trump by any means.

The Democrats have problems only when the protestors are Trump supporters. On Oct. 14, 2021, environmental extremists invaded the Department of Interior building, pushing past police and sending one to the hospital.

In June 2020, President Trump and family were sent to the secure bunker, as a group of protesters crossed the barricades of the White House.

In 2011, the Wisconsin state Capitol was filled with screaming protestors who were against the budget repair bill.

In March 2021, the Portland Federal Courthouse was burned down by Antifa thugs.

In July 2013, thousands of pro-abortion rioters occupied the Texas Capitol to halt the Senate, which was in session.

In September 2018, during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, demonstrators pushed past police lines at the Senate and at the Supreme Court. A group also took over part of the Hart Senate Office Building.

In 1983 a left-wing terrorist group planted a bomb outside of the Senate, causing $1 million in damage.

Bob Amstutz