Letter: Frustrated by choices on the primary ballot

Welcome to the Aug. 2 special election, brought to you by our legislators’ inability to draw a straight line on a map and paid for by Ohio taxpayers.

As always in a primary, you have three choices of ballot. If you choose not to affiliate with a party, you will be met with a blank stare and a wave.

If you choose a Republican ballot, you will be asked to vote for a state committee man and woman. A post that is not a position in state government being on the ballot is ridiculous and a slap in the face to any voter who studies issues and candidates and doesn’t follow a party line. Interesting too is the selection of candidates by gender.

Also on the Republican ballot are two carbon copy candidates for state legislature that guarantee more of the same politics that brought you the redistricting mess and Larry Householder.

Choosing a Democratic ballot gets you the same state committee positions, but no candidate for the state legislature. I guess it’s hard to get someone to run when you can’t be sure where the district is.

No worries though. The general election should bring a Supreme Court justice who simply follows the party, damn what the people voted for. In conclusion, I would like to thank Susan Manchester for enough fire fodder to heat my house this winter.

Terry J. Knebel