Tim Ryan addresses business in Wapakoneta

WAPAKONETA — Ohio Congressman and Senate candidate, Tim Ryan, visited Flex Machine Tools in Wapakoneta on Thursday to discuss the future of business in America. Congressman Ryan is touring Ohio to meet people across the state and talk about his plans to reinvest and create more opportunities to “cut workers in on the deal.”

Ryan met with team members from Flex Machine Tools to have a roundtable discussion about their company. According to their website, “Flex Machine Tools is a growth company disguised as a manufacturing company. Though some of our products have been around for decades, we’re constantly innovating, testing, collaborating and challenging ourselves to be pioneers of tool automation solutions.”

“You can’t be pro-worker without being pro-business. Someone has to take the risk make the investment, hire the people and ultimately invest in the future,” said Ryan. “To me, we have to start working together if we are going to dominate these industries. If we are not doing the next best thing we are eventually going to lose. Business, labor, government and workforce development all have to be on the same page.”

“This tour is about seeing advanced and next-generation manufacturing happening right here in Ohio,” Ryan added. “We are excited about it. These are the jobs and industries of the future. We want to highlight, grow and expand them so we create more jobs. In the coming decades, it will create more stability in Ohio.”

Congressman Ryan had planned visits to Cincinnati, Dayton, Wapakoneta and Bowling Green. He met with multiple different agencies including Ohio Nurses Association, Black-Owned Small Businesses and Young Voters. He plans to meet with the Small Business owners in Toledo and the Ohio Veterans in Cleveland later this week.

Congressman Tim Ryan is currently a Representative in the House and is running against JD Vance to be elected to the U.S. Senate. Current Senator Rob Portman announced he would not seek re-election after his current term ends which leaves a Senate seat open in Ohio this coming election.

Elections will be held on November 8th.

For more information on Congressman Tim Ryan visit timforoh.com.