Mark Figley: ‘Birthing person’ the latest hit on our reality

Under the Biden administration, terms such as “birthing person” have become common when referring to those who bear children, instead of “woman” or “mother.” This is not surprising, coming from a president who once famously said, “We choose truth over facts.”

Similarly, in a decision which will serve only to add further confusion to the issue of gender identification, the Labor Department’s Employee Benefits Security Administration has developed a new “Gender-Inclusive Language Policy.” Specifically, gender-neutral language and gender-based titles are discouraged until the person’s preference is stated. When writing official documents, division employees should “use they in place of he or she, them in place of him or her and their in place of his or her.” To which Yosemite Sam might say, “What in tarnation!”

This is part of Joe Biden’s January 2021 executive order calling for federal employees to be treated with dignity regardless of “gender identity or sexual orientation.”

With the prevalence of such thinking within the White House, is it any wonder that Fairfax County, Virginia, public school students can be suspended for up to five days or face “probationary conditions or restitution” as further punishment for referring to fellow classmates according to their biological, God-given sex?

Then, thanks to Oregon’s recently passed “Menstrual Dignity Act,” every public school and college in Washington State will be required to provide thousands of new tampon dispensers in boys’ restrooms at $400 a crack. The law will “affirm the right to menstrual dignity by trying to minimize negative attention that could put them at risk of harm during menstruation.” Welcome to the alternative universe!

As if further guidance is actually necessary, schools are further recommended to use gender-neutral phrases such as “menstruating students” instead of “girls.” In addition, no longer should reference be made to “female hygiene products,” just “menstrual products.” Yet when government is involved in such zany policy, the results are anything but redeeming.

Illinois has gone down the same road. Since similar legislation was passed there, janitors at Loyola University have dealt with an epidemic of sanitary pads ending up on mirrors, stuffed in sinks and toilets and simply being thrown away. And these aren’t the actions of simple grade-school boys, for which custodians must devote extra time toward remedying in the name of transgender rights.

Trends such as “menstrual equity” are happening across the nation in the new age of gender enlightenment, too many times behind parents’ backs in systematic and total secrecy. This is anything but coincidental and is part of the radical LGBTQ plan to completely transform the face of education in America.

It’s also part of a larger, more dangerous strategy to fundamentally change the face of American culture. This includes changing workplace rules, speech and interaction, redefining gender identification for adults and children and encouraging students to embrace alternate genders with no parental input.

Of course, the Biden administration supports this wholesale transformation, and no segment of society is off-limits. Joe may be a cognitive mess, but he knows that nothing less than his full and unwavering allegiance to this agenda is necessary to guarantee the continued financial support of wealthy, progressive donors within the Democratic Party.

So, while answers are increasingly sought to explain why everything that’s right is wrong and all that’s wrong is right, the answer is simple. Just follow the money to a new and diminished society.