Letter: Both sides failing in solving problems

Thank you for your article “Contradictory decisions or consistent?”

It is true that Nancy Pelosi’s comments constitute “calling the kettle black.” The political side that calls for racial equality, compassionate treatment of immigrants and protection from gun violence also supports indiscriminate termination of what most certainly are human lives.

The side that calls itself prolife opposes teaching of uncomfortable parts of American history, doesn’t want people seeking a better life than the poverty and violence they are escaping to enter our country, values their “rights” over the rights of innocent violence victims and wants to gut the public schools that should be a solution and not a problem.

Neither side wants to acknowledge that more parenting and more religion, not politicians, are the long-term solutions to most of our issues.

The Second Amendment is 27 words. Both sides seem to choose only those words that support their respective opinions.

Certainly the talk we hear about shortages is concerning. The most worrisome one is the shortage of respect.

Terry J. Knebel