Letter: Crisis pregnancy centers are doing unethical work

I have received a good deal of backchat, heat and even a few vague threats for my letter of May 21st in which I am critical of The Lima News’ coverage of Heartbeat of Lima. Heartbeat is what is generally known as a “Crisis Pregnancy Center.” I provide here a link to a 2018 article published in the American Medical Association’s Journal of Ethics entitled “Why Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Legal but Unethical,” bit.ly/3OMEjQW.

Here is the abstract of the article:

“Crisis pregnancy centers are organizations that seek to intercept women with unintended pregnancies who might be considering abortion. Their mission is to prevent abortions by persuading women that adoption or parenting is a better option. They strive to give the impression that they are clinical centers, offering legitimate medical services and advice, yet they are exempt from regulatory, licensure and credentialing oversight that apply to health care facilities.

“Because the religious ideology of these centers’ owners and employees takes priority over the health and well-being of women seeking care at these centers, women do not receive comprehensive, accurate, evidence-based clinical information about all available options. Although crisis pregnancy centers enjoy First Amendment rights protections, their propagation of misinformation should be regarded as an ethical violation that undermines women’s health.”

Hey folks. Just because Roe has been overturned, that does not mean those of us who have been critical of the pro-life movement and organizations attached to it have to just shut up now.

We won’t.

Kelly Anspaugh