City Council commemorates Mary Bradley

LIMA — Mary Nell Bradley was recognized Monday as an outstanding citizen. The Lima City Council met Monday at 7 p.m. to memorialize the late Bradley. A resolution was created to remember Mary for playing a vital role in Lima. According to the council, her many contributions have and will continue to affect the community.

Bradley was born February 14, 1938 and died May 29, 2022. She graduated from Shawnee High School and received her degree in nursing from the St. Rita’s School of Nursing. Bradley then went on to serve as a Licensed Practical Nurse at St. Rita’s for 38 years before retirement.

Council members met to approve the resolution to commemorate Bradley. A resolution is a decision to memorialize an individual and is decided by means of a vote in the council.

According to the written resolution, Bradley was a member of the Second Baptist Church. In addition to her loyalty as a member, she served in leadership positions as well. She was an Evangelist in the Church of God in Christ, a leadership teacher and the choir president. The resolution also states that “Mary embraced the presence of God from her earliest days and strove to exhibit those same qualities of compassion throughout an exemplary life. Mary Bradley’s legacy of faith and service will continue to inspire her loved ones and the Lima community.”

Council Member Tony Wilkerson thanked the Bradley family. “When I think of you all I think of Matthew 7:17-18, ‘A good tree produces good fruit and a bad tree produces evil fruit. A good tree can’t produce bad fruit and a bad tree can’t produce good fruit.’ Her children are the fruit of the life she lived.”

Mary Bradley’s son, Pilate Bradley Jr., was presented the resolution by Council President John G Nixon. “I feel honored, humbled and I appreciate the council for their continued service in the community,” said Pilate Bradley.