Letter: Why not change these three things?

I’m in my 70s now, so I know I won’t see any major changes in my lifetime. If I could, one would be to bury all communication and electrical lines. These lines are tremendously costly to repair (in summer storms and winter ice). This will probably never happen because of the obvious cost involved.

When I was young, I asked my father where all that water came from since most people watered their lawns sometimes all day in the summer months. He said the rain goes in the reservoirs, and that’s where we get it.

Well, we’re lucky; Lima has always had it in mind to build reservoirs for our needs. The real answer is to conserve. People in the Western states know very well the need for conservation.

My last gripe is those big, ugly gas meters in most people’s front yRds. Mine is 15 feet from the road. Is that a safety hazard or what?

Jack Lotz