Letter: Rising real estate taxes are real worry

I am seeing more and more complaints about the cost of gas. Granted, the price has risen sharply, but what is worse is the rise in our real estate taxes. My taxes went up over 35%. I have spoken with people whose went up higher and lower.

I complained about it to the ones who make the decision to raise them. They say there’s nothing they can do about them. We have very little rights when it comes to voting on them.

As I see now, our county officials get together and say what is going to happen. They make the decisions, and we have no say in the matter. Perhaps we should vote to lower their pay by 30% or more. Another way is to replace them with honest reps who listen to us.

I know from experience that our voices fall on deaf ears. They pretend as though they listen, but when you meet with them, you see you are wasting your time.

If I want to reduce my cost of gas, I don’t drive as much. There’s no way I can reduce by taxes. I believe they are trying to drive out the individual homeowner and make us all renters.

With all properties that are being turned into non-taxable areas, I would be willing to say that within the next two to three years, the school systems will ask for new monies.

We need to change all county officials as soon as possible. I think the sheriff is the only one that can be believed or trusted.

David May