Letter: Heartbeat of Lima and Putnam County appreciates community’s support

In response to the Supreme Court decision on June 24 overturning Roe v. Wade, we at Heartbeat of Lima and Putnam County are committed to maintaining our support of those needing aid as they face challenges related to pregnancy and child-rearing. Pregnancy Help Organizations provide support in a variety of ways, including maternity homes, adoption agencies, medical clinics and pregnancy resource centers.

As a pregnancy resource center, Heartbeat of Lima and Putnam County provides free pregnancy testing, free ultrasounds, education for men and women through our parenting programs and material aid, such as diapers, formula and clothing. We also provide adoption resources.

We are so grateful for the many community members who share our commitment to assisting clients in need. Whether through volunteering, financial aid, prayer support or material aid, the assistance we receive enables us to meet the needs of clients who rely on us.

The work that we do at Heartbeat is focused on helping clients with life decisions. These women and men need our support. When PHOs are targeted and threatened, it can interfere with our ability to help others at a time of great need. The issue is not about politics in Washington, it is about loving and supporting those in our communities who rely on us to provide the assistance they need as they choose life for their babies.

Brenda Keller


Keller is vice presidentt and on the board of trustees for Heartbeat of Lima and Putnam County and wrote this on the organization’s behalf.