Letter: Answers still needed on rape case of Dr. Wine

I would like to call to readers’ attention that an innocent man remains “convicted” in Auglaize County, thanks to the incompetence and dishonesty of retired sheriff Al Solomon, Prosecuting Attorney Ed Pierce and Judge Frederick Pepple.

In his book, “The Strange Case of Dr. Wine,” retired St. Marys teacher Brice Brenneman lays out in easy to follow detail how this miscarriage of justice took place. The book is available on eBay.

Would Sheriff Solomon explain why neither he nor anyone in his department was suspicious when a 70-year-old woman waited a full year to report that her son-in-law had raped her while her 13-year-old grandson slept right next to her through the “crime”? This is preposterous. Six people and three dogs were in the Wine home that nine, and none heard anything, even though the alleged victim claimed she screamed repeatedly throughout the assault. This is equally preposterous.

Prosecutor Pierce, are you proud of the polygraph evidence you used against Dr. Wine that we now know what generated by a dishonest examiner using a machine that was malfunctioning? Are you proud of putting this dishonest examiner on the witness stand and the perjured testimony the two of you produced?

Judge Pepple, are you proud of the fake polygraph evidence you allowed the prosecution to use in your courtroom that so polluted this trial?

Local media, there is a story her that needs investigating. It is an outrage that this injustice has gone on this long, and no one has held these three officials accountable.

Larry Esmonde