Letter: Hardesty offers a new vision

This year’s election for mayor of Lima will set the direction for years to come.

Lima is in a deep decline with housing issues, crime and quality of life issues that affect everyone in the city. I’m supporting Elizabeth Hardesty for mayor of Lima because Lima needs a new direction, new ideas and new vision to move forward.

But don’t vote for Elizabeth just because I am. I want the citizens to ask themselves some questions:

• In the last four years do you and your family feels safer in Lima, especially at night?

• Do you see more deteriorating housing?

• Do you think code enforcement is effective and is being applied evenly across the city?

Don’t just take my word, get in your car and drive around town and see how effective code enforcement is, depending on where you live. Drive down the streets where I grew up like Scott, Harrison, McPheron and Linden streets and see what the last years of the same ideas, same old and non-value policies and programs have achieved.

For the last 30 years we’ve had the same political clique controlling the same candidates, with the same declining results. Most of the people in this clique live in the 4th and 7th wards. But what about the other wards? Don’t they deserve a say in how the city is run? Shouldn’t they have the same opportunities for good housing and less crime?

If Ms. Smith is elected mayor, we will have the same old and tired administration that has been there 30 years. No new ideas, no new energy, same misdirected policies that limit the empowerment to the average Lima citizen. The power will continue with the same politics that has been controlling it for years.

I encourage Lima voters to vote for a stronger Lima. Let’s elect a mayor for everyone in Lima, not just for a chosen few. Elect Hardesty as your next mayor of Lima.

Tom Sciranka


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