Women’s Weekend held in Lima

LIMA — Women from around the area got a chance to refocus their lives Saturday in the midst of the pandemic.

The Northwest Ohio Women’s Weekend was hosted by Lima Community Church of the Nazarene.

The keynote speaker was best-selling author Cynthia Tobias who addressed the “Truth that can’t be shaken.”

“Through this whole pandemic and all the upheaval and everything we get back to the basics of truth that can’t be shaken. I use one of my key verses from Hebrews 12 which paraphrased says everything that can be shaken will be shaken so that what can’t be shaken will stand,” Tobias said.

Her address is divided into three areas, faith shakers, things that can shake your faith — shake your faith in humanity and everything seems upside down and again get down to the basics, especially of your family and if you can kind of boil it down sometimes. So what is the point? What do I need and how do I find the support and direction and encouragement? The second session is called Heartbreakers — how do you deal with failure and broken hearts,” Tobias said.

Organizers were hoping to provide this program prior to the pandemic.

“This was planned three years ago and we wanted to get out women together to just fellowship for one thing, but also to learn and at that time we had no idea COVID was in the mix. So it was supposed to be last year and it got canceled but we chose the topic ‘Refresh, Renew, Restore’ way back three years ago. Right now we really all need that so it’s very appropriately named and at no better time than right now,” said Debbie Boquist, co-organizer of the Women’s Weekend.

Breakout sessions during the day Saturday included Hope in the Midst of Grief, Symbolic Art, Help, I’ve Got a Situation, Single and Satisfied, Managing Stress and Anxiety and Fresh and Fabulous.

Boquist says giving women a chance to de-stress is important today.

“We’re all running at such a busy pace. A lot of us just don’t even stop to do any self-care and spiritual self-care is also important so that’s what this weekend is all about, just giving us a break from our busyness plus the stress of this past year has been so enormous. So many people have lost loved ones and close friends. So many people have actually gone through the illnesses. Some are dealing with cancer, some COVID. There’s just so much stress that our society has been facing in this last year and we’re just getting together and dealing with some of the issues and allowing God to speak to the very core beings of ourselves so that we can hear what he might have to say in the midst of all this junk we’re dealing with,” Boquist said.

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Author Cynthia Tobias was the keynote speaker at a women’s conference Saturday at Lima Community Church of the Nazarene.
https://www.limaohio.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/54/2021/10/web1_WomensWeekend.jpgAuthor Cynthia Tobias was the keynote speaker at a women’s conference Saturday at Lima Community Church of the Nazarene. Sam Shriver | The Lima News

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