Letter: Lessons of the Eagle

On Sunday, the main headline, in the Lima News was “Bald Eagles on Track for Record Year.” Finally, a headline of hope and truth!

But why this headline today? Is this foretelling what’s really going to happen this year?

We have been witnessing headlines twisting reality in direct contrast to what our hearts know is really the truth. This headline speaks of the prediction of a record year for the bald eagle. What does the bald eagle represent? He or she represents the in​dom​i​ta​ble spirit of America. A bird of freedom to soar in the heavens. A bird of faithfulness and commitment.

Bald eagles mate for life and raise their children equally together. They build their nests high above the dangers of this world in the clefts of tall cliffs and trees, to protect their young. True Americans keep high standards of purity and truth to protect their young. Yes I agree with this headline and take great consolation in its message. The truth loving Americans, like her national symbol, are on track for a record year! The best is yet to come! Where we go 1 we go all!

Bruce Painter,


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