Letter: Tradition over political correctness

The recent letter by Kenneth Harris was spot on.

As a soon-to-be 59-year-old Cleveland Indians’ fan I am upset to the 100th degree for the cowardly action to change their name. Whose the bigger politically correct wimp: Cleveland’s Mr. Dolan or Washington Redskins’ team owner Dan Snyder?

I always thought Cleveland was paying respect to Native Americans by honoring Louis Sockalexis, the first Native American to play in the big leagues. Did I miss something? That’s where they got their name.

My Dad made me a Tribe fan back in the days of Louis Tiant and Sam McDowell. I will always call Cleveland the Indians. I’m tired of all the tradition-killing, politically correct people trying to run this country. I will always wear Chief Wahoo proudly.

Tim Ludwig, Lima

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