Waynesfield-Goshen’s McGuire seeking career as a school counselor

WAYNESFIELD — Lily McGuire, a 17-year-old senior at Waynesfield-Goshen High School, has as her career goal to become a school counselor.

“All of the school counselors that I have talked to have been there for me when other people could not and so I wanted to be that person for other children when I grow up,” McGuire said.

She was inspired by two counselors, in particular, at Waynesfield-Goshen.

“Miss Payne and Mrs. Dellinger have been very important people in my life, and I’ve seen how they’ve changed other’s lives — and my life included. They’ve helped me a lot through middle school and high school and all the difficult times people seem to go through even if it’s something small, or something really monumental. They both inspire me a lot,” McGuire said.

She’s considering studying at either the University of Toledo or Wright State University.

McGuire is active on the volleyball team. She’s also in marching band and choir, and has performed in the school’s musicals. She’s a member of the National Honor Society and is the president of Tigers Against Depression and Suicide.

“I’ve been president for about three years. I did a very big project during my freshman year, which kind of spurred TADS to become a club. So me and a couple of teachers sent out emails and helped this thing all come together into like half a day at the end of the year where everyone could just kind of have fun and hang out with each other and have sessions where a service dog would come in and there was yoga classes and Zumba but it was just a fun day,” McGuire said.

Waynesfield-Goshen, like many other schools, went to remote learning in the spring. It was something she got used to but she prefers in-person classes.

“It’s definitely easier than being remote all the time. It definitely makes the week go by faster. I’m so glad that we’re back in school,” McGuire said.

Being involved in volleyball was a challenge for her and it’s an experience that has taught her life lessons.

“A lesson that I probably learned from volleyball is to never give up. I am not the best volleyball player. I’ve been on JV for three years and finally, when I was a senior, was moved to varsity. It taught me that no matter how bad you are at a sport, don’t give up because you’ll eventually reach your goal,” McGuire said.

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By Sam Shriver

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