Minster Board of Education to meet

MINSTER — The Minster Local Schools Board of Education will meet at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 19 in the elementary large group meeting room, 50 E. Seventh St., Minster.




Meeting: Monday, October 19, 2020

Elementary Large Group Meeting Room – 7:00pm

I. Call to Order: Connie Meiring, President

II. Roll Call: Laura Klosterman, Treasurer

III. Motion to Approve Agenda

IV. Motion to Accept Donations

V. Board Recognition of Students

VI. Reports – Written reports have been enclosed in this packet from the administrators. Are there any questions regarding these reports? Reports from the other areas may be submitted at this time.

1. Superintendent

2. K-6 Principal

3. 7-12 Principal

4. Booster Organizations

5. Ohio School Facilities Update

6. Curriculum and Instruction

VII. Consent Agenda Items

The following items have been identified for approval as part of the consent agenda. If a member of the board would wish to remove any item(s) from this agenda for further discussions prior to taking action, please let either the superintendent or board president know.

1. Treasurer’s Report

A. Treasurer’s Report

B. Approval of Minutes

C. Financial Report

D. Payment of Bills

E. Establish Fund 007 9TRK

F. Approve Now & Then Certificate

2. Superintendent’s Report

A. None at this time

VIII. Unfinished Business

1. None at this time.

IX. New Business

1. Approve to Read for a First Time Updated Policies.

2. Approve Personnel Recommendations

X. Miscellaneous

1. Comments of School District Members

2. Comments of School Board Members

3. Confirmation of Next Scheduled Board of Education Meeting

XI. Executive Session: For The Purpose of Employment and Compensation of a Public Employee

XII. Reconvene

XIII. Adjourn

Respectfully Submitted,

Brenda Boeke, Superintendent

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Minster Local Schools Board of Education: 7 p.m., elementary large group meeting room, 50 E. Seventh St., Minster.