Letter: Issues at home go unattended

I read on the front page of The Lima News that a “Suggestion outrages Jim Jordan.” What could so incense a Congressman? Was it something that concerns a matter in his district, perhaps crop prices, rural or urban development, health care, the Coronavirus?

No, it seems that the representative has nothing better to do than become enraged over a DC committee’s report that “suggests renaming facilities” within the district.

What does that have to do with the pressing concerns of the folks Mr. Jordan is supposed to represent in Ohio? Rather than engage in pointless pandering for press attention, Mr. Jordan should do the job for which he was sent to Washington.

What would cause Mr. Jordan to become so “shocked and appalled” that he found it more important than anything else to take the time to write a letter full of sound and fury that signifies nothing? A city’s internal committee report? Surely Mr. Jordan has more pressing issues than tilting at windmills, wasting taxpayer money and time when he should be working on real issues.

The last sentence of the Jordan story is without doubt the most telling. Speaking of previous legislative efforts by the congressman the writer notes: “Jordan’s legislation didn’t go anywhere.…” That seems to be the track record for this congressman. What are his accomplishments? What has he done for his district? Perhaps the realization that he has failed at so much will outrage the voters in the Fourth District.

It is only a suggestion.

William O’Connell, Ada

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