Unrast Poultry seeks permit renewal

MARIA STEIN — A poultry and beef farm on state Route 119 is seeking a five-year renewal for its operating permit from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Unrast Poultry, located at 8758 state Route 119 in Maria Stein, has applied to renew the permit for its poultry and steer barns, which together can hold up to 192,000 hens and 385 beef cattle capable of generating nearly 2,300 tons of poultry and cattle manure, according to a draft permit from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Under the farm’s permit, poultry manure is stored in concrete pits and then distributed to crop farmers, who recycle nutrients from the manure for commercial synthetic fertilizers. The cattle manure, meanwhile, is held in a separate storage barn and used as crop fertilizer on about 250 acres of nearby farmland.

Unrast Poultry is located in the Upper Wabash Watershed.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is accepting public comment regarding the permit through Feb. 10. Comments may be submitted to the ODA Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting by mail, 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068, or by email to [email protected]

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