Lima Memorial receives $10,000 grant to implement ‘Just Culture’ initiative

LIMA — Lima Memorial Health System recently received a $10,000 grant to help implement the hospital’s “Just Culture” initiative, a program meant to encourage accountability and increased communication.

The health system’s new project proposes taking its current initiative in becoming a “High Reliability Organization” to the next step by implementing a “Just Culture.” Grant funds will be used to support startup costs associated with this program.

“It’s a safety culture where it’s shared accountability between the organization and employees,” said Judy Recker, director of quality, risk management and patient safety at Lima Memorial. “When you have this ‘Just Culture,’ employees are more apt to report errors.”

The hospital received the grant from Coverys, a provider of medical professional liability insurance and related services.

Recker said the hospital want employees to report errors so that the hospital staff can constantly learn from mistakes and improve upon them.

“If people aren’t held accountable, then you run the chance of having a safety event or an error,” she said. “The bottom line is we want to have a safer environment for our patients and our associates.”

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By John Bush

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