Activate Allen County: Time to get healthy

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Warm weather has arrived, and this often gets people more active and health conscious. Here are some tips to help you live a safer and healthier life. Some of these only take a moment while others are lifestyle changes. All can be achieved with a little time and will power.

Eating healthy is one major way to live a healthier lifestyle. We all know that cutting out foods high in fat and calories is good for us. The question is how do we make it easier to do so? Variety is the spice of life right? We suggest trying out a variety of healthy foods until you find some you like the best. Try replacing the unhealthy foods with some of your new favorite healthy ones instead. Mixing them up a bit will help you achieve a balanced diet as well.

Being active is also another way to be/stay healthy and to help yourself maintain a healthy weight. Being involved in activities that raise your breathing and heart rate is what we’re striving for. You can choose anything you want to do. Summer is a great time to get things done outside; mowing, landscaping, washing the car, swimming, walking, playing with the kids, you get it … the possibilities are endless! Adults should try to be active for at least 2.5 hours a week and kids should get at least 1 hour a day.

Protect yourself and your family. We all want to make sure our family and friends are protected and safe. You can take simple measures to help ensure safety for all. Some of these include washing your hands regularly, wearing seatbelts in the car, wearing sunscreen when outdoors, and avoiding smoke whether it be first or second hand. On a larger safety scale we can encourage and promote healthy relationships with our friends and family. Summer storms can be rather bad at times. Getting an emergency bag together in case of a power outage or other unfortunate event is always a good idea.

Managing stress can help you be healthier in all other aspects of your life. If you are less stressed you will be more inclined to take an active role in your health. Try to create a balance between your work life and family life. Having positive relationships with friends and family creates less stress. Other things such as getting enough, but not too much, sleep help too. If managing stress on your own proves to be too much to handle don’t hesitate to find someone to talk to.

Getting a regular check-up can help to identify any problems before they may get out of hand. Schedule regular check-ups and see to it that you make getting to them a priority. If you experience, pain, injury, sickness or a change in mood or behavior call your doctor or health professional.

It is important to take your health and well-being serious. For more in-depth details about tips to live a safer and healthier lifestyle visit(