Lawyer’s at center of race, gun debate on 2 Charleston cases

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Many would say attorney Andy Savage is on conflicting sides in high-profile cases that again put Charleston, South Carolina, at the center of national debates over race, guns and the judicial system.

Savage represents Michael Slager, a white former policeman, in a black motorist's shooting death.

He also represents survivors and relatives of victims in the 2015 shooting at a black Charleston church.

Some criticize Savage for defending Slager, but he says there's more to the case than dramatic cellphone video showing the shooting.

He hopes the church-case lawsuit against the FBI over the gunman's weapon purchase results in safer laws and fewer mass shootings.

He says both cases are simply about justice for his clients and adds: "I don't pick and choose which injustices I'm going to represent."