Letter: A class act by Allen East

I had the opportunity to attend the Veterans’ Day assembly at Allen East at the invitation of my great-grandson. I would like to thank everyone at Allen East for a wonderful afternoon of recognizing those of us that have served. We were greeted at the door by students and then were treated to a meal and refreshments prior to the start of the assembly. The hallways were decorated with patriotic art from all ages.

At the assembly, students spoke meaningfully about Veterans’ Day, the choir and band performed and all veterans in attendance were individually recognized as well as those from the local community that gave the ultimate sacrifice and were not able to return home. The assembly ended with the elementary making a tunnel for all the veterans to walk through to exit the gymnasium. From start to finish, this was a class act by Allen East to recognize Veterans Day. I was honored to be able to be a part of this event. Thank you, Allen East staff and students!

Albert Presnell, Wapakoneta, US Army 1959-1961 Army Reserves 1961-1967.


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