Editorial: Your voice matters in elections

Those aren’t the city’s roads. They’re not the school district’s buildings. And it’s certainly not the government’s money.

They’re yours. You have a say in how they’re managed.

It’s a message that seems to be lost in today’s democracy. The belief is you just can’t fight city hall (or the township hall, for that matter).

We’re hoping to break people of that sad, defeated notion. It is your government. You have a say in who runs it and how they do it.

That’s why The Lima News is kicking off a new public service campaign today, “Your Choice, Your Voice.”

You’ll begin seeing notices in your Lima News reminding you about what’s at stake each election. (See Page 9A for today’s.) You can also learn more about the campaign at LimaOhio.com/yourvoice.

We were stunned when only 14 percent of Lima voters participated in a hotly contested May primary election. We’re genuinely concerned when we see low voter turnout numbers throughout the region, especially given what’s at stake.

In 2007, the mayor of Buckland was decided by one vote. In 2009’s 3rd Ward Lima Council race, five votes decided a winner. In 2015, Elida’s mayoral vote came down to seven votes.

We urge anyone eligible to register to vote before Oct. 10. If you’re registered, you’re only a third of the way there. Learn more about the issues on the Nov. 7 ballot through The Lima News and your own research, then cast an informed ballot before the Nov. 7 deadline. Ohio makes it extremely easy to get and cast a ballot. Check with your local board of elections for details.

It’s your government. It’s your choice. Use your voice.

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