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Oh LeBron, Iím so disappointed.

You promised us all you were going to wear the black hat this year. Be the villain.

You and your Miami Heat cohorts said over and over again you had no problem being hated and booed and despised.

LeBron, I know sports villains. And you are no sports villain.

Sports villains are fun to hate. They smirk when we boo. They yell, they fight, they spit. Oh, and they win. And that makes us hate them even more.

From John McEnroe to the Detroit Bad Boys to Steve Spurrier in Florida, they had no problem being hated and booed. Their motivation was being brash and arrogant and showing the world you couldnĎt stop them.

Villain? Gimme a break.

Somewhere Al Davis is rolling over in his grave, it is daylight afterall.

The problem, LeBron, is youíre looking in the wrong mirrors.

Many might disagree, but I think youíve always seen yourself as the next Shaq, the next Charles Barkley. A mega-talented superstar who was lovable and fun and charismatic.

The problem is youíre not witty and you donít have a genuine bone in your body.

No, the only reason the world ever loved you is because you were a supremely gifted athlete playing for his hometown team. People love that stuff.

Then you took your talents to South Beach.

And you were hated, but you werenít a villain, not really.

After ďthe DecisionĒ you looked back into your circus mirror and saw a cowboy in a black hat. Again, you are not that.

During your post-game press conference after losing the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday you said, not for the first time, that you didnít care what anyone wrote. You didnít care what anyone said.

Well, itís been my experience that anyone who says that actually does care whatís written and said about them.

Barry Bonds used to say that trash. Then one day he brought out his little boy to show the world how much the evil mediaís slings and arrows had destroyed his family. Again, pathetic.

To real sports villains itís ďUs against the World.Ē

To you itĎs, ďwhatís your problem, man?Ē

Your post-losing press conference was a dismal failure in sports villainy. There you sat like a whiney kid, copping an attitude at each brutal question lobbed your way.

One reporter actually asked you if you choked. You didnít answer.

The proper sports villain response? Actually choke the reporter.

Thatís what Barkley would have done. Dennis Rodman, he may have broken down and cried like a little girl, but that would have been after he started a bench-clearing brawl.

No, LeBron. Hereís the problem, you look in the mirror and see all the wrong things.

You donít have the charisma to be adored like Shaq or Barkley.

You donít have the guts to be a villain like Isiah Thomas or George Steinbrenner.

LeBron, the world looks at you and sees you for what you are: The next Bill Russell. The next Michael Jordan. The next Kobe Bryant.

And time and time again, we are disappointed.

We all want to see the next great thing. The next Tiger Woods.

You have been blessed with physical skills that 99 percent of the world canít comprehend.

We donít have to like you. We can root against you and boo you, but that doesnít change the fact we want to be amazed by you.

Iím sorry, Dirk Nowitzki is great, but heís not the one who should be taking over in the fourth quarter.

You should be. You should be giving us memories we can tell our grandkids about.

Joe Montana-style.

For you, LeBron, itís not about being liked or hated. Itís about dazzling us and showing us what greatness is all about. Itís about winning.

As soon as you get that, we can all see you for what you really are: A legend.

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