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Letter: Why can't we all be Americrates?

August 24. 2013 4:06PM
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Why canít we all be Americrates?

As with every team there can only be one head coach. The other supporting members are assistant coaches. As an assistant coach your job would be to assist the head in a manner that would help the team achieve its goal.

Congress has seemed to forget that it is not the head coach.

It is in place to ensure the plays of the head coach (the president) gets carried out, and that when possible its hometown fans are considered within the plan. But it must remember that the whole team comes first.

Congress has used a lot of time and effort to delay the game, for every team member.

It is not congressí job to look good to the cheerleading lobbyists, or people taking side bets with Grover Norquist.

Why hasnít someone filed suit against Congress, and have them fined daily? In pro sports, anyone on the team can be fined for actions that brings harm to the team or the game as a whole. The head coach is a leader, not a follower, and if the coach decides to pass and not run or shoot and not dribble, then thatís the right of the head coach. How dare Congress cry because the president now wants a 30 yard pass instead of an eight yard run.

The head coach wants to score, not make teammates or assistant coaches happy. The head coach has the whole franchise to worry about.

What sense does it make to stand around watching the fire burn down the house, while you argue about where to throw the water?

Why canít we all just be Americrates.

Iím an Americrate.

ó Richard Commons, Lima

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