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Government here to protect us

In response to the letter by Anna M. Hall, of Lima, (Newspaper, sheriffs right to share opinion, Feb. 24) the government is not trying to take anyones rights away from them. The purpose of this is to make the United States of America a safe place.

You can still have the basic guns and weapons you need to protect yourself, such as pistols and handguns. But what is the purpose of having assault weapons in a home? If someone is breaking in your home a simple handgun will do the job to get the criminal down.

The rights that are stated are true indeed, but when the amendments were established there were not the guns we have now. I have not seen a news report of anyone protecting themselves with a machine gun. The only ones who seem to use this type of assault weapon are criminals or those up to no good. This proposed law does not eliminate the right to bear arms but limits the lethal type of weapon a person can buy.

Also you said you need protection from the government.

This I dont understand. The U.S. government is not knocking on anyones door demanding his or her guns. Our government is here to protect us. We dont live in Afghanistan where dictatorships are destroying peoples rights. We live in a free society but it is still a society, meaning we need to live with each others gifts and faults.

The government wants to restrict new gun ownership of assault weapons. Not take away all of the guns. Next time some research should be done before stating such facts.

Kylen Lane-Harvey, Lima

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