Letter: Now everyone can enjoy parade

As the Allen County Fair approaches I cannot help to write a letter expressing how much I enjoy the fair parade being moved to the Sunday before the commencement of the fair. Last year, I read letters to the editor stating how “weak sisters” changed the fair route and date. As a past 4-H participant and now club advisor, I could not be happier to get the community excited about the parade and increase participation.

During my time as a young fair participant, I found it was difficult to attend the parade during the first Saturday of the fair. My fellow club members, parents, and supporters stressed about responsibilities that need taken care of that Saturday. From livestock to special interest projects, every day of the fair is busy and eventful. Saturday turned into a problem rather than a parade for families/ supporters, and limited involvement. From special interest projects, livestock owners, marching band performances, and small businesses, the fair parade impacts the entire Allen County community. I know tradition is important, but moving the fair parade to this Sunday allows more family members, youth, and community supporters to be able to participate and attend the parade. Without the active youth in our area, the Allen County Fair parade would just be a business gathering, and the fair without projects/livestock would just be a carnival.

Yes, moving the date will be an adjustment, but just because a tradition ends does not mean it is impossible to start a new one. Please show your support this year for youth, small businesses, and your community this year and attend the 2017 Allen County Fair and parade.

Linnea Stephens, Columbus Grove