Letter: Jim Jordan too narrow-minded

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordon believes charities should pick up the bills for people in need.


We met at a Wapakoneta Middle School Veteran’s Day program. He said the federal government had only one good program, the military. He asked if there were any other government programs which were successful.

As a former teacher, any civics class would be able to identify these.

• Medicaid: This program cares for my wife of 62 years, as she has Alzheimer disease.

• Medicare: This program assists seniors to meet some of their medical needs.

• Social Security: This program assists seniors with their retirement needs.

• The National Park Service: This program preserves for future generations our precious natural heritage.

• The Soil Conservation Service: This program helps preserve our precious farmland.

• The National Archives: This program holds our national heritage for ourselves and future generations.

• National Public Radio: This program gives objective news for a free society.

Yes, the government has responsibilities beyond the Military.

When 9-11 happened; the whole country was attacked. Never since World War II has the whole country been asked to sacrifice for those who fought for us. The budget issues should be addressed by the whole country; and paid for by the whole country! The men and women veterans also have injuries, on our behalf, which should be paid for regularly; as their injuries continue, often for their lifetime!

After Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor Day, the whole country was asked, and responded, to sacrifice for the duration, and beyond. It is our turn now to address the function of government. This is not for charities to do, nor townships, nor counties, nor states; but the whole nation!

Will Cook, Wapakoneta