Letter: Lessons learned by loving mama

I woke up this morning and saw a coffee cup that said, “I love Mom,” and thought, “Why yes, I do love my Momma.”

She taught me how to live, laugh, pray, do my chores, and try my best at anything I set out to accomplish; how to behave in public and how to take a butt-beating that I more than deserved, which taught me toughness, sorrow, punishment for crime or breaking a house rule and respect for authority.

Mostly when I think of my mother, I see a lady that has given her life to Jesus, my father, her children, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and a half-century of Sunday School kids in the hometown area.

I will also remember her stepping up and going to work at the Gomer Elementary School cafeteria to earn money for our family while my dad endured through cancer treatments, which all but killed him. By the end, he beat cancer, and she ran the entire school district lunch program.

She is the crazy, happy saint!

I love you mom, Kathie White.

Terry James “TJ” White

New Carlisle