Letter: America was never great

Before I retired, people labeled me “Radical Ron.” Radical, simply means “root of:” government, politics, religion, education,economics, history.medicine, and diet, are filled with lies.

It is a travesty that so few know what I want to point out. The Act of 1871 changed America from a nation to a corporation, under the thumb of the rich and powerful. It is a travesty that people gave their lives, were wounded, and some paralyzed, for a iie. America was never great. Genocide of the native population who lived on this land, and slavery endorsed from the very foundation of America. The biggest lie in the constitution was that “all mean are created equal.” No country who has those atrocities in their foundation, deserves any allegiance. I often say, “I love the land, and hate the country. Read the book “The Constitution of No Authority.”

”We The People,” is really “We the Rich and Powerful.” It is not reasonable for a minority of the people telling the majority, what they can, or cannot do. Power corrupts, and that is proven by real history.

Ron Weiss, Lima