I am writing in response to your article in May 13th’s edition. “Ohio Coroners Need Money.” Sad to say our area and most of Ohio is experiencing a horrible heroin epidemic. I don’t think I know anyone that does not know someone that has been affected by this horrific drug.

Our emergency response teams are armed with a drug that counteracts the effect of the drug. The user is then taken to the emergency room, treated and released then sent home. If these responders would start charging at least $100 for each life they save and turn that money over to the coroner’s office, it certainly wouldn’t cover all the expenses, but it would help some. The charge to the user would benefit the coroner’s office, but would also add some accountability to the individual.

I personally know someone that has used this service several times. I also believe these people should be mandated to watch an autopsy of an overdose victim. They are basically playing Russian Roulette with a needle. Unfortunately the odds with the needle is becoming less and less. I say, “Let the user pay for the cleanup of their mess”.

Wendy Hubbard, Delphos


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