Lettter: Right to work wrong for Ohio

I believe that the Right to Work law that is being pushed in Ohio by deep pocketed Republican groups who are mainly from other states, is wrong for Ohio workers.

The very term Right to Work is deceptive. When was the last time billionaires spent millions of dollars to give workers more freedom and more rights on the job? The answer: Never. This is a power and money grab by the rich.

Voters have never passed a ballot on right to work laws, because they know Right to Work is wrong.

In Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, RTW laws were bullied through their legislatures in record time by extreme lawmakers because they knew that voters would not pass these laws. Why? Because it will make the people and their communities poorer. The median household income in RTW states is $681 less per month, than in free-bargaining states like Ohio.

RTW does not create jobs. Only an increase in demand for products creates jobs, not reduced wages and benefits.

As a member of the UAW it is my responsibility to let people know that Right to Work is wrong for Ohio workers and their families.

David Stewart, Wapakoneta


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