Letter: Mayor’s comments outrageous

The NAACP is outraged by Berger’s recent comment at the mayoral forum concerning how blacks in Lima obtain information. His comment is more than disturbing because it is an irresponsible racist and stereotypical remark regarding blacks in general by the chief executive officer of the city. Berger’s comment implies that blacks don’t read or are incapable of reading. Also, his comment suggests that blacks don’t have an interest in current events locally or otherwise.

Berger stated blacks get their information from churches they attend, however national statistics indicate that less than 20 percent of Americans attend church on Sunday mornings. Therefore, I believe local statistics would bear approximately the same findings as the national average as reported by the Huffington Post, other media sources and formal research. Berger could have asked the ministers hosting the forum if there is a decline in church attendance. It is obvious by Berger’s comment that he is not well versed on anything related to blacks. He attempts to utilized the black community as pones to promote his personal agenda of self.

The NAACP is hosting a mayoral debate at 6p.m., April 27 at the Bradfield Center. Mr. Cheney and Mr. Glenn have confirmed their presence at the debate, but Berger has not confirmed his participation. The debate will convene whether Berger is there or not. The black community in Lima will not be taken for granted and if candidates want their votes, then those votes must be earned by candidates pursuing the office of mayor in the city. I would hope the community participates in this event to get a clear sense of who would be best suited for this office.

Ronald Fails, NAACP President